How to Incubate Creativity

I had the pleasure of attending a 2017 SXSW Conference panel titled: How to Incubate Creativity. The conversation was inspiring – and reconfirms the importance of having spaces for artists and techies to create.

The panelists were:

I’d encourage you to visit their web pages to find out more about these interdisciplinary incubators that are hatching forward-thinking, creative projects.  And here are the notes I took as a recap for you:

SXSW creativity notes


Inspired by Creativity

So many passionate and creative people can be found at the 2017 SXSW Conference. Yesterday I met Monica Kang who does great work with Innovators Box   – an organization that “aims to redefine human capital potential and workforce culture by empowering all professionals with creativity and creative confidence.”

She had me sold when she said “I teach creativity.” Yes! (Plus, I love their sticker). Check it out!


Susannah (the Greater Good Geek) with the InnovatorsBox sticker!