Get that Grant!

I just finished presenting a series of classes titled “Get that Grant!” It has been a wonderful experience sharing time with nonprofit professionals who are looking to take their grant writing skills to the next level!

Thank you to the Center for Nonprofit Studies at Austin Community College (aka Nonprofit Austin) for presenting these virtual classes.

This “Get that Grant” series will be offered again (virtually) in July 2022. And the tickets are available on a sliding scale! I hope to see you then!

Susannah Erler (presenter) is with the title slide for the Get that Grant series of virtual classes.
Get that Grant: A series of virtual classes presented by the Center for Nonprofit Studies.

Announcing: GGS has a QR Code!

Somehow the notion of having a QR Code feels so…”big time.” Yet, here we are. Greater Good Strategies (GGS) is pleased to announce: We have a QR Code!

Big shout out to Philanthroforce – provider of the QR code. Philanthroforce “matches the right nonprofit to the right consultant.” And Greater Good Strategies (Susannah Erler) is listed on this platform. Check it out!

Oh, and here is another fun and easy way to check it out! An awesome QR Code! (So psyched. Further evidence that we’re nonprofit geeks).

Greater Good Strategies has a QR Code!