Texas Bill about Sanctuary Cities

Status February 2, 1pm:

Re: SB4 (here is an explanation of what it is and a link to the Senate hearing: About SB 4: Against Sanctuary Cities )

Action you can take:

  • Citizens can go to the Capitol in Austin and register their position for or against the bill.
  • You can choose “don’t testify” when you indicate your position. This means you don’t need to speak about it (if you don’t want to).
  • The longer the list the stronger the impact.
  • You can also observe the hearings in the Senate gallery.

Notes about registering:

  • You can do this while the hearing is going on.
  • The hearing is expected to go on until at least 9pm
  • There are 4 computers set up in front of the Senate Chambers (the East portion of the main Capitol building – second floor)
  • It takes only a minute or two to register your name and address and your position.
  • You can register as representing your self (you don’t need to name your place of work for example).

This is a picture of a charming pair doing their civic duty:




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